A Young Adult Fantasy

As the sole surviving Maledict of her secluded, island home, seventeen-year-old Avery is feared for the wicked magic she surely possesses. To protect herself and her aging father from the governing Princep’s tyranny, she must keep a secret:


All her dreams—and nightmares—come true. And she can’t control it.


When a monstrous Daegrim attacks at a sacred celebration, cursing Avery’s father into a deadly stupor and wreaking havoc among countless bystanders, the people are convinced she is to blame. With a supernatural army and the Princep’s wayward grandson, Kade, ordered to hunt her down, Avery goes on the run, guided by her dreams, determined to prove her innocence and find a cure for the curse consuming her father.


She seeks out the one person unaware of her Maledict ancestry for help—the island’s clueless new resident, Nathan. But the Daegrim responsible for cursing Avery’s father is called to her, following her every move and leaving a trail of cursed bodies in its wake. Realizing this is all the result of her dark and unruly subconscious, Avery has to make a choice:


Find a cure before it’s too late for her father, while others suffer at the hands of her nightmares. Or confront the darkness within her, and save those who would never do the same for her.