A Young Adult Fantasy

It’s been thirty years since a beastly Malum last attacked the hidden islands of Amoriem, home to those who seek a fresh start. But when Amoriem welcomes its first arrival in decades, no one is safe.


Seventeen-year-old Avery Everhart is the feared, last descendant of Malustrics, those who once meddled with forbidden Malum magic. To keep herself and her adoptive father from lifelong imprisonment, she must keep her dark power a secret: all her dreams—and nightmares—come true.


When a wicked Malum attacks an annual celebration, it plagues the people of Amoriem with a swarm of hostile locusts and curses Avery’s father into a deadly trance, steadily weakening his body. With the community convinced she’s at fault and the governing Regiel’s wayward grandson, Kade, ordered to hunt her down, Avery goes on the run.


Determined to find a way to lift her father’s curse, she seeks help from the one person unaware of her Malustric ancestry—the island’s peculiar new resident, Nathan. But the Malum responsible for cursing Avery’s father follows her every move, leaving a trail of cursed bodies in its wake.


Realizing the Malum is drawn to her unruly nightmares, Avery must make a choice: continue her search for a cure before it’s too late for her father, or confront the darkness within and protect those who would never do the same for her.