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A Young Adult Fantasy

On the hidden islands of Amoriem, everyone is haunted by their past.


Avery is the feared, final descendant of Malustrics, those who once tampered with a monstrous magic. In order to protect herself and her adoptive father from lifelong imprisonment, she must suppress her inherited, dark power: all her dreams—and nightmares—come true.


Kade is a free spirit suffocating beneath the lofty expectations of his long-standing, governing family. In attempt to thwart his fate as Amoriem’s future ruler, Kade feigns incompetence (with frustratingly little success) at every opportunity in front of his Malustric-hating grandfather.


Nathan is a loner, a congenital heart defect survivor, and he’s grieving the loss of his late mother. He’s also Amoriem’s newest resident. He longs for a fresh start among people who know nothing of his baggage, but that’s impossible when he discovers he didn’t come to the islands alone.


When a Malum—a monster made of a person’s dark past—attacks the islands for the first time in thirty years, it plagues Amoriem with a swarm of locusts and begins to curse the population, one-by-one, into a life-threatening trance. Avery is blamed, Kade is ordered to hunt her down, and Nathan is left with one very guilty conscience. With everyone’s future at stake, the three teens must find a way to confront their troublesome pasts to defeat the Malum and its curse before deadly history repeats itself.

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